• Brandon Neumann

    Brandon Neumann

    Owen's sexy friend. Mona's ex. Swim team member.
  • Bridget


    Music major at Mt. Umber. Ash's friend. Dated Lukas' friend Shane before he died.
  • Carl


    Day manager at Cafétte Emptor.
  • Clara Brückner

    Clara Brückner

    German exchange student. A friend of Ash's from Folklore's Dark History.
  • Clarice Fitzpatrick

    Clarice Fitzpatrick

    Psychology professor at Mt. Umber. Lukas' grief counselor. Has been keeping Evie as a sexual companion.
  • Dorian


    Football player. Mei's boyfriend.
  • Eve DuPont

    Eve DuPont

    Beth's rival. Head of the school's top sorrority.
  • Jenna


    Cheerleader. Ash's friend. Started shit with Annalee and Evie at the party
  • Malcolm Scripter

    Malcolm Scripter

    Professor of Ash's Folklore's Dark History class.
  • Mei McKennan

    Mei McKennan

    Mei's co-worker at Cafette Emptor. Dorian's girlfriend.
  • Mona


    Brandon's ex. Was accidentally killed and then made into a vampire by a panicking Kevin.
  • Owen DuPont

    Owen DuPont

    Eve's violent twin. TML and swim team member.
  • Roland


    Forgot to pick Ash up when he arrived from England, which resulted in his being assaulted.
  • The Prince of the Ravenous Mirage

    The Prince of the Ravenous Mirage

    Beth's dark power.
  • Tristan


    An actor in Beth's theatre cult whom she's slept with. A friend of Ash's from the LGBTQ+ society.